Monday, October 29, 2012

Cleaning up our lives... and our acts.

I can call myself many a'names and titles in my sometimes crazy yet perfectly suitable life... a mother, a fiance, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an esthetician, a makeup artist... the list could go on awhile. Never did I think I'd be adding 'blogger' to the list but since the shoe fits, here we are!

Since I am still a newborn at blogging, it may be awhile before we even start with the baby steps so to speak. If you're sitting there wondering if you're wasting your life reading my blog, don't fret! I may not be able to capture the most amazing blog pictures and swatches with my not so professional camera but I do come armed and ready with good ol' fashion information that is often times overlooked by trying to find out "what's new!" all the time. Well, yes while 'new' is exciting and great and all, why fix what isn't broken? Some things work for a reason, just the way they naturally are without advanced technologies and fancy pants ingredients that in reality do more harm than good in most situations. What I'm going to be focusing most of my efforts on for this blog is how to care for your body, skin, and self as a whole in the most natural and effective way. Now, before you stop reading and dismiss what I have to say because you might be thinking how unqualified I am to write about such, or you're just not that interested, just remember we're learning together and I promise to practice what I preach! 

Being that October is also
breast cancer awareness month, I think it's a good time to focus on lifestyle changes. I've personally made some big lifestyle changes in the past few months that have already had such a huge impact on my life. So before I leave you with that to think about, here is a website chalk-full of some of the most helpful and natural ways to be caring for your skin and body. It's worth looking into, for your own sake!

Thanks for stopping by! :)


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