Sunday, November 4, 2012

Starting your lifestyle changes: Step 1? Green Tea.

Getting down to brass tacks, the reason anyone is MOST likely experiencing any dysfunctions and abnormalities with their skin is because of something that is going on internally. You might be thinking ,"No actually, I am breaking out because I have oily skin and that's not internal." Well, it's a big possibility that if you were properly hydrated inside, your skin would be properly hydrated outside and wouldn't produce immense amounts of excess oils to try and make up for the lack of water present. Your skin is an amazing organ which will tell you what is wrong if you listen and pay attention. It works as a mirror of your emotions, your health, and your imbalances; i.e blushing, rashes, sweating, breakouts.

The best approach, not only for your skin but for your body in general, is to start inside out. The healthier you are on the inside will mirror that on the outside. Still with me? So where do we start? Detoxifying. We need to get rid of the bad before we can add to the good. Most everyone has a build up of toxins in our bodies from all of the processed foods, and environmental impacts and so on. 

Since the goal here is to make an actual lifestyle change and not just a quick-fix for a short period of time, baby-steps are the key to making it stick. A good way to add DAILY detoxifying into your routine is by simply drinking green tea. That's a start! And as we all know, lifestyle changes are hard to stick to if you try to change too many things at once so let's just call step 1 of lifestyle change - Green Tea. 

So, something to definitely be focusing on and keeping in the back of your mind throughout the entire day is detoxifying... making room for the good stuff, naturally. 

Leaving you with an amazingly informative video all about green tea! Thanks for stopping by :)

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