Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oil Cleansing Method

'Tis the season for dry skin! A perfect remedy? The oil cleansing method. Yes, this will work for people who already have oily skin. *As a side note, there are many versions of this method but to make it easier, I've simplified the ingredients and made it my own.

What is it? My version includes extra version olive oil and liquid vitamin E soft gel tablets (you can find these in your vitamin section at any health or department store). Most versions use a combination of castor oils, sunflower oils and extra virgin olive oil. The reason olive oil works well for this is because of all of the omega fatty acids which help repair the health of the cell membranes in your skin while moisturizing it at the same time. The reason we are using vitamin E tablets is because of all of the powerful antioxidants that help rejuvenate the skin and reverse free radical damage. Overall this method improves the overall health and clarity of the skin. Don't forget that even if your skin is oily, you should be moisturizing. A lot of the time your skin is oily because of the lack of water you drink so your skin is trying to make up for that by producing excess oils. This method can help balance that out.

How do you do it? You will need a small bowl, your 2 ingredients and a scissors. You'll want to use about a teaspoon of olive oil per vitamin. I only use 1 teaspoon for my whole face but you can use this on ANY part of your body. I also use this as a makeup remover when I wear waterproof makeup. So, in your bowl you have about a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. To this, add your vitamin E oil by cutting off the tip of the tablet with your scissors and squeezing the contents out. Mix them together and apply. You'll want to make sure that you're not just putting it on and letting it sit. You want to be rubbing and PRESSING it into your skin as well. Facial yoga :) After you've massaged it in for about 3 to 5 minutes, what you'll want to do is place a warm washcloth over the skin and wait until it is cool. This will help to open the pores and enhance absorbing the oils. When the washcloth is cool, pull the washcloth downwards towards your neck firmly 2 or 3 times. You should not have to wash any oils off after this.

So there you go. Your skin cells with thank you for this! :) Hope you enjoyed it!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Starting your lifestyle changes: Step 1? Green Tea.

Getting down to brass tacks, the reason anyone is MOST likely experiencing any dysfunctions and abnormalities with their skin is because of something that is going on internally. You might be thinking ,"No actually, I am breaking out because I have oily skin and that's not internal." Well, it's a big possibility that if you were properly hydrated inside, your skin would be properly hydrated outside and wouldn't produce immense amounts of excess oils to try and make up for the lack of water present. Your skin is an amazing organ which will tell you what is wrong if you listen and pay attention. It works as a mirror of your emotions, your health, and your imbalances; i.e blushing, rashes, sweating, breakouts.

The best approach, not only for your skin but for your body in general, is to start inside out. The healthier you are on the inside will mirror that on the outside. Still with me? So where do we start? Detoxifying. We need to get rid of the bad before we can add to the good. Most everyone has a build up of toxins in our bodies from all of the processed foods, and environmental impacts and so on. 

Since the goal here is to make an actual lifestyle change and not just a quick-fix for a short period of time, baby-steps are the key to making it stick. A good way to add DAILY detoxifying into your routine is by simply drinking green tea. That's a start! And as we all know, lifestyle changes are hard to stick to if you try to change too many things at once so let's just call step 1 of lifestyle change - Green Tea. 

So, something to definitely be focusing on and keeping in the back of your mind throughout the entire day is detoxifying... making room for the good stuff, naturally. 

Leaving you with an amazingly informative video all about green tea! Thanks for stopping by :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eggs are the secret ingredient!

Yes, you read that correctly. Eggs! You probably don't look at an egg and think of it as one of your number one beauty secrets but it really works. How? Egg whites can be used as a mask to encourage the skin to become tighter and firmer. To test this out for yourself, you'll need 2 ORGANIC eggs. *Non-organic eggs may contain traces of hormones, pesticides or herbicides that you don't want to put into your skin... or eat for that matter but we'll save that conversation for a different day. Separate the 2 egg whites from the egg yolks and whisk the egg whites until they are frothy. Spread the mixture onto your skin using your fingers. This part can get a little messy but it's worth it!! Let it dry onto your skin for a good half hour or until completely dried and hardened. Finally, wash the dried egg whites off of your face with warm water. You will feel a difference, I promise! It honestly works. Just make sure you wait long enough for it to dry and also make sure you're applying the eggs to a CLEAN face, not on top of makeup or anything - don't forget to use a good moisturizer afterwards. And no, Jergen's, Vasaline, and Oil of Olay are not good moisturizers. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Cleaning up our lives... and our acts.

I can call myself many a'names and titles in my sometimes crazy yet perfectly suitable life... a mother, a fiance, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an esthetician, a makeup artist... the list could go on awhile. Never did I think I'd be adding 'blogger' to the list but since the shoe fits, here we are!

Since I am still a newborn at blogging, it may be awhile before we even start with the baby steps so to speak. If you're sitting there wondering if you're wasting your life reading my blog, don't fret! I may not be able to capture the most amazing blog pictures and swatches with my not so professional camera but I do come armed and ready with good ol' fashion information that is often times overlooked by trying to find out "what's new!" all the time. Well, yes while 'new' is exciting and great and all, why fix what isn't broken? Some things work for a reason, just the way they naturally are without advanced technologies and fancy pants ingredients that in reality do more harm than good in most situations. What I'm going to be focusing most of my efforts on for this blog is how to care for your body, skin, and self as a whole in the most natural and effective way. Now, before you stop reading and dismiss what I have to say because you might be thinking how unqualified I am to write about such, or you're just not that interested, just remember we're learning together and I promise to practice what I preach! 

Being that October is also
breast cancer awareness month, I think it's a good time to focus on lifestyle changes. I've personally made some big lifestyle changes in the past few months that have already had such a huge impact on my life. So before I leave you with that to think about, here is a website chalk-full of some of the most helpful and natural ways to be caring for your skin and body. It's worth looking into, for your own sake!

Thanks for stopping by! :)